Ham Shack Remodel

The Club is  endeavoring to raise funds to remodel our Ham Shack at Mesa Grande  Academy to make it easier for members to access and use it. Since we have not been asking for dues for several years our treasury is very low.  If you w0uld like to make a contribution there a couple of mechanisms to do this.

If you want your gift to be tax deductible make a check payable to “Mesa Grande Academy” and put “Ham Shack Remodel” in the NOTE. Send it to

YVARC Remodel %Andrew Yakush, WZ6J, 324 Canyon View Dr, Calimesa, CA 92320

The second option  is to use to send the funds to or send a check  made out to “Andrew Yakush” and send it to the above address.

If you make a gift and the Club decides to start asking for dues in the next year, your gift will be credited to your dues.

Thank You