The Yucaipa Valley Amateur Radio Club is conducting a two-week license upgrade activity. Technician Class hams can gain greatly expanded operating privileges by becoming FCC General Class licensees. This activity makes use of the “Ham Cram” method of preparation for successfully passing the required 35 question multiple choice FCC examination.

The Covid -19 pandemic has moved the bulk of Ham Radio training and testing onto the internet. This dramatically makes the process of licensing more efficient, effective, and faster. At 2:00 pm Sunday September 5, 2021, a face-to-face in person orientation and direction meeting will take place at Mesa Grande Academy, 975 Fremont Street, in Calimesa.

At that meeting participants will be provided with directions for obtaining the needed resources and materials and provided with explicit printed instructions on the Ham Cram process. Each participant will be assigned two mentors who will oversee and guide the participant’s progress. On Sunday September , 19 at 2:00pm the group will meet again for the very important final Ham Cram session. The examination will be conducted on line and the outcome will be immediately learned. Electronic online testing makes the upgrade immediate. This preparation activity is free but there is a modest fee for taking the examination.

If you hold a Technician Class license and want to upgrade, contact:

Chuck Castle ND7UA (610) 413-4821 or

Monte Andress WD6DUR (909) 528-7475 or


Tue, Sept 7, 1900 hrs

in the Tech Building at maSE Grande Academy .

Monte Andress.. WD6DUR will talk about EmComm (Emergency Commuynications) and the difference between protocals for Riverside and San Bernardino  Counties . If you have any intrest in  Emcomm you will want to be there. If you are not interested come anyway. Yiu might find you do have an interest.

Please join us for the meeting.


See “Directions t0 Meeting” page for directions